Credits: Solar Opposites (Hulu) , Little Voice (Apple TV+)

Born and raised in Nigeria to Indian parents, Vidhya takes great pride in being a third culture kid and having a great deal of variety (and anxiety) when it comes to her cultural identity. From the age of 12 onwards she lived alone in an apartment in India with no adult supervision - this allowed her obsession with television to grow unchecked. She studied Computer Engineering in college while also running an Italian restaurant, then she made the obvious transition into moving halfway across the world to LA to become a TV Writer. She’s sold a show to Imagine Entertainment, worked on the Sara Bareilles show produced by JJ Abrams for Apple TV 'Little Voice' and Disney's Mira Royal Detective - all  while accomplishing the most Herculean task of all – having a stable monogamous (despite her best attempts to make an argument otherwise) committed relationship in LA. She is currently staffed on Season 3 of Hulu's 'Solar Opposites'.




 Ilana Goren & Jacob Schiff

Jason Hafford (International)