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"Always choose to be terribly impressive over being impressively terrible"



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Vidhya was born and raised in Nigeria. The child of Indian parents, at the age of 12, she was sent to India where she lived alone in an apartment with no adult supervision. With no one to stop her from living her best life, Vidhya did the one thing she knew she could never do with her parents around - she watched a FUCK TON of TV (well, a fuck ton MORE TV than she already did) - shows like Friends, Malcolm in the Middle and That 70s Show. Eventually, Vidhya went to college in India where she majored in Computer Engineering and managed a franchise of an Italian restaurant, both whilst continuing to watch every TV show from Scrubs to Sherlock. As any engineer-slash-failed-restauranteur does, she made the natural transition into screenwriting.

Vidhya was part of  Ron Howard and Brian Grazer's inaugural Imagine Impact Incubator and her TV series ‘Wedlocked’ was just optioned by Imagine Entertainment. She has written for the Disney Junior show – Mira: Royal Detective and is a creative consultant on the upcoming JJ Abrams Apple TV show Starling with Sara Bareilles and Jessie Nelson.

Vidhya is a graduate of the American Film Institute with an MFA in Screenwriting. This wasn’t an easy feat as her parents wanted her to get an arranged marriage instead of “script-writing”.  So, she spent her first year at AFI swiping left (it was like Tinder, but only for Indian engineers in the bay area) on all the potential husbands sent by her mother until she was given an ultimatum – get married or drop out of AFI.  In the plot twist season finale of the sitcom that is her life, Vidhya was awarded the prestigious Alfred P Sloan Foundation scholarship that saved her from an arranged marriage and helped her finish AFI. Upon graduation, Vidhya was selected as one of the 8 fellows in the elite CAPE New Writers Fellowship. Later that year, her pilot was in the Top 10 TV Pilots of 2018 by the Tracking Board Launchpad

Vidhya spends her free time doing improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in LA and contemplating just how insane it is that Daniel Dae Kim is 50 yrs old ( she just found this out and is gonna need some time).  



Vidhya Iyer
To placate their marriage-obsessed parents, an Indian-American woman, Laxmi, marries her gay Indian-American friend. It’s the perfect plan — until Laxmi’s mother-in-law moves in with them and keeping up the charade of the fake marriage becomes much harder. Especially, when she discovers that she is pregnant with her very white ex-fiancé’s baby

A 2018 CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment) New Writers Fellow, now working on Apple’s big scripted series contender as part of Executive Producer David H. Goodman’s team for the newly rebooted Amazing Stories, she is a decidedly down to Earth, Indian-Nigerian-American writer with an interest in exploring the “brown love” between immigrant parents and their children.

Living across different countries has shaped my perspective. I see the world as a third-culture kid. Having spent a significant portion of my life in different cultures, it has made me empathetic and curious. I’m always trying to learn what makes people act the way they do and how those actions are shaped by their environment and culture.

"It’s definitely not been a smooth road. I come from a rather conservative Indian family, and I studied engineering for my undergrad. For the longest time, it didn’t occur to me that a career as a TV writer was viable. It’s a volatile, uncertain path and more so when you move 10,000 miles away from home to pursue it. It’s always a struggle pursuing art, but the uncertainty brings joy just as much as it is terrifying."




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